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Technical Manuals

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Accepted Industry Practice for Industrial Duct Construction , 2nd Ed., 20081108$23$83$110$159
Accepted Industry Practices for Sheet Metal Lagging, 1st Ed., 20021806$18$66$86$124
Architectural Sheet Metal Inspection Guide, 1st Ed., 20041937$13
Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 7th Ed., 20121120$52$183$242$346
Building Systems Analysis and Retrofit, 2nd Ed., 20111156$18$66$86$124
Duct System Calculator, 1988 (check one)





Ducted Electric Heat Guide for Air Handling Systems, 2nd Ed., 19941079$8$23$30$41
Energy Systems Analysis and Management, 1st Ed., 19971624$24$77$103$147
Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards, 7th Ed., 20031884$23$83$110$159
Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Installation Guide for HVAC Systems, 5th Ed., 20021819$16$59$79$113
Guide for Free Standing Steel Stack Construction,3rd Ed., 20111167$18$66$86$124
Guidelines for Roof Mounted Outdoor Air-Conditioning Installations, 2nd Ed., 19971715$7$9$9$9
Guyed Steel Stacks, 1st Ed., 20111127$17$57$75$108
HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual, 2nd Ed., 20121972$16$55$73$104
HVAC Duct Construction Standards - Metal & Flexible, 3rd Ed., 20051966$37$129$174$247
HVAC Duct Systems Inspection Guide, 3rd Ed., 20061987$24$84$113$161
HVAC Systems - Applications, 2nd Ed., 20101099$30$84$110$160
HVAC Systems Commissioning Manual, 2nd Ed., 20131429$14$47$64$90
HVAC Systems - Duct Design, 4th Ed., 20061958$33$110$148$213
HVAC Systems Sound and Vibration Procedural Guide, 1st Ed., 20131068$13$44$59$83
HVAC Systems - Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, 3rd Ed., 20021780$33$114$153$220
IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction, 2nd Ed., 20071072$22$78$104$150
Indoor Air Quality - A  Systems Approach, 3rd Ed., 19981637$21$75$98$140
Kitchen Ventilation Systems & Food Service Equipment Fabrication & Installation Guidelines, 1st Ed., 20011767$18$66$86$124
Phenolic Duct Construction Standards, 1st Ed., 2015$23$83$110$159
Sheet Metal Welding Guide, 3rd Ed., 20071999$18$66$86$124
Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards, 2nd Ed., 20041922$81$189$244$339
Residential Comfort System Installation Standards Manual, 7th Ed., 19981689$17$57$75$108
Residential Sheet Metal Guidelines, 1st Ed., 20011754$24$84$113$161
Round Industrial Duct Construction Standards Manual, 2nd Ed., 19991520$81$189$244$339
Seismic Restraint Manual:  Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, 3rd Ed., 20081981$33$113$152$230
TAB Procedural Guide, 1st Ed., 20031910$16$54$77$109
Thermoplastic Duct (PVC) Construction Manual, 2nd Ed., 19951378$21$75$98$140
Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual, 1st Ed., 19971546$23$83$110$159

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